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A fertility center sometimes defines itself by IVF success rates, or a string of acronyms representing fertility treatment services: IVF, PGD, PGS, IUI, ICSI. At Fort Worth Fertility, we proudly offer comprehensive, innovative fertility treatment, but are most concerned with the impression we make on the hopeful, same-sex couples that walk through our Fort Worth doors.

As someone looking into LGBTQ+ parenting options, did we make you feel empowered, accepted, optimistic and equipped for the journey ahead?

For years, Fort Worth Fertility has embraced new technologies and fertility treatment breakthroughs to open doors for all couples--heterosexual and LGBTQ+ --trying to conceive. Each new advance, from preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to reciprocal IVF for lesbian couples, brings life-changing alternatives to starting or expanding a family.

Your Partner for LGBTQ+ Fertility:

Dr. Robert Kaufmann

Reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Robert Kaufmann, expertly leads a team of compassionate and highly skilled professionals—registered nurses, embryologists, IVF lab clinicians and patient advocates—that devote themselves to successful outcomes for couples pursuing IVF, surrogacy and other transformational LGBTQ+ parenting options.

Our seasoned fertility specialists contribute extensive clinical experience to each unique case, and offer hope to gay and lesbian couples underserved by other fertility centers.

Global IVF Accolades and Accomplishments

Dr. Kaufmann, dual board certified as an obgyn and reproductive endocrinologist, has practiced reproductive medicine since 1993, earning a reputation for excellence in both patient care and IVF success rates:

• Top Doctors of America: 2005-2016 (less than 5% of doctors earn this award)
• Compassionate Doctor Award: 2009-2014
• Top Obstetrician Gynecologist in the U.S.: 2007, 2012
• Top Doctor in Fort Worth: 2005-2016
• Patients Choice Award: 2011-2012
• Dr. Kaufmann & Fort Worth Fertility embryologists have performed over 1,600 surrogate cycles, & over 2,500 PGD cycles, including blastocyst biopsies.
• Our laboratory director has directed over 20,000 IVF cycles.

Delivering on the Promise of Inclusivity and Compassion

At Fort Worth Fertility, we support and celebrate your decision to start or add to a family. The Fort Worth Fertility team understands the desire to parent a child transcends gender and sexual orientation.

As providers of leading edge infertility treatment care, and one of the most recognized names in fertility tourism, Fort Worth Fertility prioritizes compassion as well as results. We promise to honor your life goal with inclusive, family-building fertility treatment.

If you feel ready to explore family building options, and learn more about how same-sex couples can share a biological connection with their child, contact us today!



Meet Dr. Kaufmann

Dr Kaufmann

Internationally recognized for his leading fertility treatments, Dr. Kaufmann tailors a unique and personal treatment plan for each patient. Patients have awarded him Most Compassionate Doctor, Top 10 Doctor and Patient's Choice Award.